What Is Ryghtly?

Our SaaS offerings include a content management dashboard with CRM functionality, an embeddable "widget" feature to drive inquiries-- and thus, warm leads-- directly to stakeholders through our platform, engagement tracking & metrics, as well as white-glove licensing management service options, and more..

Work With Us.

Contact us to find out how we can help protect and monetize your content, leverage media appearances for you /your clients, mitigate risk, and much more.

Rights Holders/Content Producers ( Broadcasters / Media Outlets)

Ryghtly’s SaaS-based Dashboard and widget tools gives you single-platform visibility over all content licensing inquiries--both native and third-party. Take back control over distribution and monetization of your content. Warm leads means higher sales conversion for content licensing.

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PR Firms/Marketing Agencies

You have multiple clients and projects in varying stages of progress across several teams, business lines and geographies. Ryghtly PR Dashboard streamlines your workflow, allowing for ease of reporting to clients, budget management, status/progress tracking, a single point of contact for multiple media outlet requests, and much more.

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Direct Licensees

You want to leverage a copyright-protected segment or clip for your film production, on your website or social platforms, or at an event or presentation. Let Ryghtly’s experts guide you through the process.

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Content Aggregators/Media Monitors

Improve your customer experience and mitigate risk. Ask us how a partnership with Ryghtly offers a vital, value-add to your product offering.

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